Meet Bill Ochester
Bill began to pursue a lifelong interest in early

American history, following his retirement from a career in the demanding field of Cardiothoracic Surgery in 1998. This drastic change of focus was remarkably refreshing for Bill, and a new passion emerged at full fury.

Bill now considers himself to be a full-time 18th Century historical interpreter. He was hired on to the staff of the National Constitution Center as an Exhibit Interpreter prior to their grand opening in July of 2003. He is also a Board Member of the American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia, as well as an accomplished historical tour guide in olde City Philadelphia and Valley Forge.

As an active Command Staff officer in his Revolutionary War living history unit, Bill has led his Regiment in numerous reenactments over the past ten years. He has had the honor of working with Bill and Pamela Sommerfield, of the American Historical Theatre, performing in several 18th Century character roles, such as the Baron von Stueben and Dr. Philip Syng Physic.

Bill is finishing his fifth season of portraying Benjamin Franklin for the successful “Independence After Hours” adventure tour, offered by Philadelphia's new “Once Upon a Nation” program. He has appeared as Franklin on numerous occasions at the National Constitution Center, the University of Pennsylvania, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Kimmel Center, many other local venues.

Bill has portrayed Dr. Franklin in the National Fourth of July Parade, in Washington, DC,and he continues to give informative and entertaining presentations to civic, fraternal and educational organizations around the country.

Fast Fact! Bill's eyewear he dons while portraying Dr. Franklin are authentic, original mid 1700's spectacles!