Meet Ben Franklin
Of all the Founding Fathers of our nation,

Franklin most represents the common man; in fact, his life rather defined the basic values that we still hold so dear as Americans, to this day. And yet, in so many other ways, no other American has achieved quite so much as Franklin did during his long life in the 18th Century.

  • With no more than two years of formal education, he founded a University and a Hospital.
  • His work in the field of Electricity has defined the basic principles of that science which we still utilize today.
  • As Postmaster-General, founder of the first professional Fire Fighting organization, Fire Insurance company and Public Lending Library in North America, his record for public service is unmatched.

Franklin did not limit his public service with just those organizations, though. He is also renowned for having invented the Lightning Rod, Bifocals, Swim fins, the Odometer, and a host of other creations, all meant to add to the comfort and enjoyment of his fellow citizens.

At no time did he ever seek to patent or limit the use of his work in any way, wishing only that his inventions would serve to benefit his fellow man to the fullest.

Would it not be wonderful to meet this man, to explore his thoughts, share his observations, and experience the essence of his being?


I want to meet Ben!